Parenting Responsively for Connection

Virtual E-Book Tour

Until June 21st, the new E-Book, Parenting Responsively for Connections will be on tour through 14 blog sites. Each day has a new article from the book. 
This book contains down-to-earth and easy-to-apply strategies for staying connected to your child as they grow from the early years into the school years. Learn how to cope with issues from potty training to developing success study skills. 
Eleven ACPI Certified Parenting Coaches – compassionate parents who walk their talk – have joined together to bring you the best of their accumulated knowledge and 110+ years of parenting experiences. They have created a book full of sincerity and realism. No fluff here from these astute and intelligent parenting coaches.

Sherri Boles-Rogers, ACPI CPC
Alan Carson, M.Ed., ACPI CPC
Lesa Day, ACPI CPC
Sharon Egan, MS, ACPI CPC
Marcia Hall, CPN, ACPI CPC
Kareen Hannon, ACPI CPC
Adina Lederer, ACPI CCPF
Malini Mandal, OT, ACPI CCP
Sedef Orsel, ACPI CCP
Minette Riordan, Ph.D., ACPI CCP
Jennie Tehomilic, ACPI CPC

Blog With Us and Follow The Journey Of A Book Tour

6-08-11 – Day 1 – http//
6-09-11 – Day 2 –
6-10-11 – Day 3 –
6-11-11 – Day 4 – http//
6-12-11 – Day 5 – http://YourParentingQuestions.blogs
6-13-11 – Day 6 –
6-14-11 – Day 7 –, (English)  or (Turkish)
6-15-11 – Day 8 –
6-16-11 – Day 9 – http://www.intentionalconsciousparenting
6-17-11 – Day 10 – – (Turkish)
6-18-11 – Day 11 –
6-19-11 – Day 12 –
6-20-11-  Day 13 –
6-21-11 – Day 14 –

On June 15th, Metaphysical Mom will host the tour and post a unique article for you. Please visit here on the 15th, and throughout the tour on other sites to comment and respond to author articles.

I look forward to seeing you on the tour!

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