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Are you someone who strives to navigate your career to create more success and satisfaction?

Are you considering a career change?

Did you leave work to raise your family, take care of aging parents or resolve a medical issue, and now want to get back to work, but have had little success returning and don’t know where to start?

Is it important to find your passion, enjoy work each day, and feel career satisfaction?

OR – Do you feel like you may be in the right career, yet are unhappy with workplace communication or conflict? Would you look forward to work each day if only you and your colleagues had a better process to address concerns, understand each others’ motivations, reduce conflict and generally communicate more effectively?

Whether you want a personal transformation, or change in your work environment, we specialize in being your career catalyst.

  • cultivate your professional career
  • create more enjoyment during work days
  • move forward with clarity, step by step
  • gather tools to take away

What is a catalyst? A catalyst speeds up change, and can be used over and over. It also lowers the energy normally required without the catalyst.

So, do you want to speed up your career transition? Do you want to be able to reuse the tools you receive from us? Do you want to reduce your time, stress, energy needed to discover your path?

The Career Catalyst is what you need!

Let’s catalyze your career questions. Let’s increase your professional standing with a step by step approach.

Catalyze your Career – Transform your passion into income

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How I Can Help

Those in a Shrinking Industry

Those in a Shrinking Industry

All levels of management and employees who work in a shrinking industry, require a strong career portfolio, online and off line, to weather change and bridge employment gaps.

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Learn how to best use yours and others’ strengths, discover your gaps in a safe yet authentic environment, and take action forward to reach goals, and discover your purpose.

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Empty Nesters

Empty Nesters

Are you ready for a restart now that your children have left home? Or do you want to change careers? If you are looking to shift or turnover your career, this is the package for you.

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Increase engagement and decrease conflict. Engaged employees are more profitable, with less attrition. Less conflict in employees increases productivity, communication and morale.

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Career Visibility Workshops
  • LinkedIn
  • Hidden Job Market
  • Elevator Pitch & Interviews
  • Personalized Group Coaching
Employee Engagement
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  • Team Strengths & Conflict Training
  • Mindfulness & Productivity
  • Turning Ideas into Actions
  • Leading & Motivating Millennials