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Hello! I’m Leigh Harris

The Career Catalyst has been delivering personally-tailored success and permanent shifts in career perspective, since the first client felt personal goal and job fulfillment.  Her goal is to provide both a tailored and empowered customer experience and a tremendous value for an optimal outcome.

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What Clients Say


I really like this group. Leigh is a fantastic organizer, and I’m learning quite a bit. I highly recommend.

We benefitted a great deal from the discussion.

Mike Doe35 years

Solid group. Very professional with excellent insight. If you’re serious about kicking it up a notch Leigh has created a forum for you. It is always a pleasure.

Jenna Fisher29 years

I didn’t think I’d stay for the full thing. Instead I was reluctant to leave.

Sandra Walsh25 years

…excellent facilitator.”

Frank Simmons48 years

Fun!!!, unfolding intuition and harnessing empathic abilities.

Nick Morrison39 years

Supportive environment and receptive group for sharing…information, developmental exercises & practicing skills that reveal insightful info. In addition, strong group validation of each individual's abilities & group synergy encouragement of goals.

Anna Stone32 years