I’m a big fan of visualizing success. When that picture is clear in my mind, I know exactly what I have to do to go after it. I’m still working on the timeline part (for example, I know my current vision requires alot of focused work, but sometimes I just want to visit with friends, play hide ‘n’ seek with our children, or catch up on Facebook). However, I know what I want.

To help to visualize the end goal clearly, I use a vision board or mind map, until last week.

A vision board is a visual representation of dreams you want to attract to your life. These dreams can be in any life area: financial, health, family, relationships, personal/spiritual, or career. Vision boards can be created around a general wish for success, or it can be specific, such as a promotion, a new house or a published book. Most vision boards are done on poster board and use magazine cutouts or computer image printouts.

A mind map is more of a plan. It is a brainstorm of words, starting with a single idea, and branching out as more specific ideas branch off of the original one. It can also contain sketches to capture an idea.

Up until now I used vision boards (those visiting my home know I have two or three posted in my office), as well as mind maps for when I want to draft a project from just an idea.

Or, I use Wordle, which uses creative word imagery to create a vision of success. If one idea in this vision is larger than others, you enter the representative word more than once, and it appears larger on the final product. You can’t save it offline, but it is free, and I always did a “print screen” and copied it onto a Word document.

I did  one for our move to New Jersey and I love how accurately it describes our current life.

My New Vision Tool

Last week I found a new method to visualize my dreams. It is a Mind Movie.  Here is my first Mind Movie. It is 3.5 minutes long, and fun to make.

This movie incorporates my own affirmations and images, as well as images and music from the Mind Movie program.

Affirmations are positive statements about your future life, stated in the present. “I have a successful business,” is an affirmation. “My relationship is fun and loving,” works well. Avoid negatives like, “I stay out of debt,” or “I don’t have any bills.” With the last one, the law of attraction states you will attract “don’t” and “bills.” We don’t want that… or rather… (ahem) we want positive opportunities.

To set the intention for success, return to the movie each morning to set success in your mind. Do it for 30 days, and these images, words and sounds are burned into your mind like your own memory. This works for vision boards, audio files (record your own then listen), or word boards (like Wordle or a mind map) as well.

I plan to make shorter Mind Movies, with more focus (such as finance) but more general (that appeal to a broader audience). Hopefully these will be ones you can use as well. I’ll let you know when more are complete.

In the meantime, I will use my new mind movie to help create success.

What is your dream? Is it a specific area of your life? How do you visualize its success? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

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