Articles, ezines, e-newsletters, emails… if we let ourselves, they can fill our inbox and easily overwhelm us.

I was starting to feel that way. I recently unsubscribed to many weekly messages, but still, I had more. Yet I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of them all.

Then it hit me, now every time I open up my inbox, I am greeted with messages from those spreading positive messages, giving me a reason to smile, to think, to ponder.

Each message that now comes to me has a metaphysical message about the joy in life. Some speak of the energy that surrounds us. Some tell me to take a moment and focus somewhere else. Others remind me of the strong communities building with an invisible yet powerful connection. They connect through the internet, yet it feels more than that, for they remain with me throughout my day.

I didn’t unsubscribe because they lift my spirit, raise my vibration, bring a spontaneous smile to my face.

I am surrounded by the power of metaphysical energy building. What a gift. And it is right in front of my nose.

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