We All Have Personal Tools

What you already have:

Tools to solve problems with kids

Tools to appreciate a husband
Tools to do well at work
Tools to deal with hormones and life (though you suspect there may be better tools, somewhere…)

Your tools work, as long as kids are fed, husband’s work is going well, and your own work deadlines are being met.

Take a moment to appreciate your toolbox for:
1. Kids: You have a structure in place and feed them healthy food.

2. Husband: You make his favorite food, you listen to his work frustrations, and you keep the kids out of his way when he’s tired or grumpy.

3. Work: You arrive on time, work hard and are proactive.

4. Hormones: Though they may have a life of their own, you have a basic system to deal with them. You warn your hubby, you don’t over commit that week, and you take some time for yourself when you can.

We Can Create More Tools

What you wish you had:

You wish for something else, still intangible, to solve problems when life races past you, you feel out of control, your children are out of control, work deadlines are looming or have passed, your hormones are out of control and your husband expects more than you can give.

You wish for the feeling of calm, in the midst of chaos.

Metaphysics (literally “beyond the physics”) is where those solutions can be found. They are not physical, so they don’t cost money, they aren’t only for the privileged or for those with lots of time, and you don’t have to go far to get them.

The first tool:

Appreciate and be grateful
Spread an attitude of gratitude in everything you do, and it will come back to you. Call it Karma or the Law of Attraction, but if you are grateful for a bit of money, more will come your way. If you are grateful for health, you will stay healthy.
It won’t work if your underlying voice says, “yeah, right, this won’t last.”
It will work if your appreciation goes deep and is true.
Let go of the cynic inside you (let it go with a deep breath), and embrace your attitude of gratitude!
This tool already exists within you. Embrace it!

On Oprah’s website, there is a helpful article to help you distance from negative emotions. Check it out!

Hugs, Leigh
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