Is energy really positive or negative?

Energy, in and of itself, is neutral. How energy effects a person is what makes it positive or negative. Or more accurately, how a person perceives the energy or event they interact with is what changes neutral energy into either positive or negative.

Can we actually change energy? Well, quantum physics is discovering how our intentions affect an object (or a subatomic molecule), but the concepts of negative or positive are purely human.

And if something is only negative because we assign the negative label to it, then that same object (or action, situation or circumstance) can be neutral or positive. It changes depending on the spin we put on it. It changes when we consciously decide it changes.

And to be a bit more accurate,something is negative because of how we perceive it to affect us. Once we sense an effect, we attach a label. We describe. We attach an emotion.

So, in any circumstance, action or situation, we can always decide how something affects us. Sometimes we feel like we don’t have any control in that decision, but we do. We always do. We always have a choice to feel negative or positive in each moment of each day.

Positive energy. What an affect it can have…

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