Are you doing book research, reading for interest or expanding knowledge ? There are many useful links on metaphysics.

Here are some of my favorites:

My Meditation Coach Brett and Greg offer classes near San Jose as well as drop in group meditation sessions. Their site has some great links on meditation including the medical benefits of meditation.

Foundation for Mind Being Research This is an academic site on the science and philosophy of consciousness and mind. They also have meetings in the Bay area.

Bay Area Metaphysics This group is active on, and offers a large range of metaphysical gatherings, instruction and events, as well as active an forum and blog.

Mihaly Csizszentmihalyi One of my favorite authors – his concept of “Flow” has been instrumental in my own career path.

Eckhart Tolle An amazing author for the new age. His books are capable of transforming people’s lives.

Metaphysical Dictionary The definition for any metaphysical word or concept you’ve ever discovered is here.

Oprah – Yes Oprah! She has a page on her site dedicated to spirit, including inspirational authors and speakers.

Contact Talk Radio “Consciousness in Action” – conversations and events on consciousness, mind and body, including a store with items from subjects on “green”, “kids”, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and more.

And finally, a simple yet thoughtful video on the Law of Attraction.

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