It has been some months since I’ve posted.

I’ve dedicated my writing time, these past few months, on a new book. It’s about time, however, to let the etheric connections of the internet know I’m still around, though in the true ether, time is irrelevant.

Since my ego knows procrastination well, blog writing could be a great tool for procrastination if I let it. As I focused on my book, I knew that one more distraction would delay my book writing even more than kids, cleaning or cooking (afterall, kids are a priority, blogs…not always). But blogs can also be great forums for ideas, pause and clarity.

For example, I regularly follow a blog called Think Simple Now. Tina and her contributors write well, and allow me to pause in my day and think.

Following other writers is useful. What makes me want to keep reading? How do they simplify their thoughts? How do they get their point across? How do they relate examples to their theme? …how can I improve my own life through reading others’ ideas?

I realize I cannot just focus on kids, husband, house and writing. I need time for myself. I meditate, I attend classes and lectures, I belong to a mom’s group. I have my blog, and the writing of others.

And now I have a deadline for my writing. Though in the grand scheme of things, time is irrelevant (I will either complete my work or I won’t), those setting the deadline don’t work in the timeless ether. Once their date has passed, that’s it. My procrastinating ego needs this kick in the butt.

It’s about time.

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