There is a reason we feel overwhelmed on hot summer days. Time is still ticking. The to-do list builds yet we don’t have the energy to finish our tasks.

The heat saps our energy, forcing us to sit still by the pool, drink iced tea and thumb through an Oprah or People magazine. Reading needs to be light. Nothing too soul searching or academic. Our brains seem to also slow down in the humid heat.

Today is forecasted to be 96 degrees, but feel like 108. I don’t think I’ve been in soaking wet heat like this before. We haven’t lived on the east coast long enough to experience it.

Last night we walked home from our neighbors’ house at 11pm. The evening was tropical, damp. The crickets and chicadas were creating a cacaphony of song. It reminded me of my first visit to the Mexican riviera with my husband, where a loose dress over a bathing suit was the only outfit that wouldn’t stick in the heat. Last night was barely 80 degrees.

Today is Saturday, fortunately. It is family day. Having just returned from vacation our to-do list also includes weeding, mowing the lawn, laundry, organizing our vacation photos and catching up on my writing.

In this heat, I think we’ll forget that to-do list and create another: sit by the pool, drink iced tea and read a magazine. No guilt. Just family time.

How about you?

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