We all have a purpose in life, and the steps to fulfill it can change from year to year. However, purpose is what gives us the drive to succeed, the target to aim for, the push forward when we hit a rut. When we know we are on the right path, it feels right, and sometimes the universe lets us know it IS right.

My primary goal is writing. It is my new year’s resolution, my target, my purpose.

After a couple months of fairly dedicated writing, I started to notice the synchronicities. These are, in my belief, the checkmark from the universe. “Yep, you got it!” “That was the right step.” Sometimes the synchronicities relate to my actual writing, and sometimes they simply indicate my power of intention (or law of attraction) is going in the right direction.

Over the past few weeks for example, each time I complete another solid chunk of my book, I go online to check facebook or my inbox, or I sit at the table to read the newspaper. Inevitably, the subject I just completed pops up within half an hour. The strange but wonderful thing is that the synchronized subject is not just from my overall chapter, but from the subsection or paragraph that I just completed. It gives me chills. Sometimes it makes me laugh. The synchronicities when I’m in this zone are just so crazy, and obvious. (I wish I could always be in this zone:))

Other times I find myself mentally planning the arch of the next chapter, and a few key words come to my mind. Then within a few minutes, I find those same words repeated elsewhere.

A few days ago a synchronicity occurred. I started to think about the throat chakra. And, important for this synchronicity, the throat chakra is traditionally symbolized by the color blue. As soon as my mind began to focus on the words “throat chakra,” a noise on the TV caught my attention. The rest of the family was watching a movie called, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” The noise drew me to a scene in which the evil sorcerer held a blue glowing wand to his apprentice’s throat!

Ah yes, you may just call that coincidence, but in my world, I call it syncronicity. I like my world. When I follow the signs, they tend to show me good things.

One evening a month ago, I was focused on joy. It was taking a few days to draw a more detailed chapter outline, and I pulled out my runes, which I hadn’t used for…a year? Runes are old celtic symbols, like rock or clay versions of tarot cards. The one rune I pulled was the symbol for joy. That wasn’t the end, though. Later that day, the article I chose to read focused on joy. The headline didn’t allude to joy, however. I had to read into the article before I discovered this focus.

Was my mind looking for the word joy? Probably. I believe in the red car theory. Decide you want to buy a red car, and suddenly you will notice the red cars all around you. However, I couldn’t have known what that rune said before I pulled it from the bag. The headline of the article intrigued me, but the “joy” section could have just as easily used other words such as “happiness,” “excitement,” or “delight.”

The sychronicities didn’t provide me with chapter details to formulate. I had to do that on my own.  Yet I believed it was a message that I was on the right path. What do I do with this information? I say “thank you.” Nothing more, nothing less.

A synchronistic “message” isn’t always pleasant. Yesterday I felt highly focused in my writing, and my intentions seemed clear and strong. I noticed the office window had dog-nose prints all over it and wished it was clean. Well, a delivery arrived at the door and my dog went crazy at the window, as he normally does. However, when I got back to the office, I noticed he had spit up ON the window! Disgusting, but my wish was granted, even if I was the one who had to do the work.

I have to be careful what I wish for.

Throughout these examples I have learned something important. When I am focused on something powerful and part of my life’s purpose, AND when I put effort into it, the law of attraction goes into overdrive. Or at least the synchronicities (that tell me I am in the right place) come fast and furious.

When I don’t feel this focused, life goes on. Many normal days disappear from memory. But focus is useful and powerful. Dedicated focus, when mind and body is absorbed in a challenging activity to create flow, seems to align everything around, as if the path becomes clearer and easier to walk.

And now I must return to my dedicated focus of writing.

What is life like when you focus on your purpose? How can you get there more often?

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  • Some guy Posted January 15, 2011 2:37 pm

    The synchronicity you write about is stunning and almost uncanny when it happens. When one is "running on all cylinders" which is how I characterise it, there are convergences everywhere. These things seem to happen most (or maybe at all) when one is working towards something that has 100% overlap with one's values. That is, when I am doing something I believe is right and just, I start to see in the world external to my work that which I am focusing on for myself. There's this notion from medieval times that the king, when following a just and honourable policy, is doing something "good for the crops" … that is, all of nature smiles when you follow the high road, or the good path. On a much less grandiose scale, I feel the synchronicity you write about when I follow my heart and beliefs about what is good and proper … an external reflection of my own personal activities.

  • Leigh Harris Posted January 16, 2011 3:52 am

    It is amazing to observe, isn't it? I appreciate your comparison – this has been happening through the ages, yet we just seem to be waking up to wonder what it is all about.

    Thank you for your comment. Namaste Some Guy.

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