I love change. I love new people, new places and new knowledge. I tell people that change keeps me looking forward to the future.

However, when I don’t know all the answers for something within my control, then I have a tendency to ignore change. Yes…I pretend it isn’t happening. Until I’m forced to deal with it in some way.
Not long ago I was faced with change on my blog. On Metaphysical Mom (and Dad) I didn’t post an article in a critical month, and I had committed to myself to post each month. At the time of writing this, it is the last day of the month. If I don’t post something today, by tomorrow the calendar will change to a new month and it will be too late to post this month’s article.

Why is it important to take the next step?

A year before I made a promise to myself that if I was going to create change in my own world and with my own writing (and by extension connect in a more meaningful way to the world of colleagues, clients, friends and family), then one of my targets is to post at least once a month.

So why did I take me 30 days to get here this time?

Because of fear.

Over the prior seven weeks, in between business, a couple major volunteer events, and many childrens’ activities, I had been busy migrating my blog over to a self-hosted wordpress site. In non-blog language, this means that I will have my blog, business, coaching and classes all on one site. The website has been on the internet for a few years, but it was underused, practically untouched.

Only now I realize that every time I make a change on my new Leigh Harris site, my email system will think the change is actually a new “blog,” and end up in your inbox. That wasn’t my intention. I want my blog subscribers to get my blog…only. I haven’t investigated every possibility, so there may be a simple solution, but without knowing the solution (and feeling a lack of control) I simply ignored it… for 29 days.

But now on day 30, I still want to stick to my goal – one or more posts each month. This will give me another 29 days to figure out the answer (and hope I don’t ignore it that long!).

For the moment (and the moment is all that matters, right?) by sticking to my goal I learned a few things:

1. Goal setting really does help us to achieve what we set out to do.

Even though this blog slips in right before the deadline, it still helps me to accomplish my goal. And now that I have written it, I am more likely to create another one, and another one.

2. Facing fear means making a decision, even if it is a simple…or single…step forward.

One step is all it ever takes. We don’t reach the moon, climb to the top of the corporate ladder, or earn the big income we set for ourselves without taking one step at a time. And there is no doubt that each goal requires moving through fear. After all, the corporate or income climb requires stepping out of our comfort zone. And if the astronaut doesn’t reach the moon…. well, there is no half way point.

As long as we take action, we move past our fear.

3. Reaching a goal feels satisfying, no matter how small.

It is like eating one small square of really good chocolate, instead of a whole bar of some inferior substitution. Mmm…good.

4. You need to change to reach a goal.

If we take a step forward, we irrevocably change our life. We create change. But change is good.

I love change, with fear and focused goals mixed in. They keep me accountable to myself and to my readers. I don’t know if I’ll be able to segment my blog from my business, but that is my plan. The only way I’ll know is to take the next step forward, and the next, and the next.

What is your next step in your goal? Take it tomorrow, no matter what fear you face.

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