Today is Thanksgiving in the US.

When I live my moments in gratitude, each day seems lighter, more up lifting.

Recall the last time someone cut you off in traffic. Most likely you felt frustration and annoyance. Natural feelings, and appropriate to experience them. However, how did you react?

You always have a choice in your reactions, though sometimes feelings are so overwhelming that you feel you must follow them. With frustration, you may shout and clench your fist. With annoyance you may grumble and hit your horn.

We can feel those feelings, let ourself experience the tension in our body, then take a deep breath and change the thoughts developing in our mind.

Perhaps the person cutting you off is distracted by problems at home. Maybe they looked at a text on their cell phone. You can choose to feel grateful that you are alert enough to hit your brakes and stop an accident, or that there was no one behind you to run into you. You can choose to appreciate that your children were not in the car.

You can choose to feel gratitude. In any situation in life, say to yourself, “what am I grateful for right now?”

Next time you make this choice, notice the moment lighten, your mood uplift…just a little.

Today, I feel grateful for you, my inspiration. Thank you for being part of my life.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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