Channel your energy into fun and creativity with your family. 
Listen to your thoughts and make a personal commitment to smile with each response. A smile and a bit of creative rewording, turns bickering into bright moments. “The children are starting to argue and dinner’s in half an hour,” becomes, “Hmm, they must be hungry. ‘Kids, I’ve got carrots and dip. Want some now?’”
“I just cleaned up this room and it is already a disaster,” becomes, ‘Kids, who can grab the most items in one minute? One, two, three, go!’”
Turn argumentative episodes into spontaneous fun. It is better for everyone. For example, my children love contests, especially ones like who-can-get-their-pajamas-on-first? That one is their favorite, followed closely by who-can-get-their-shoes-on-first? Boring and routine becomes fun and adventurous.
For a parent to have fun, sometimes you need to schedule it. Plan a trip to an ice rink or roller rink. Have family game night. Choose an activity everyone will enjoy.

5-Minute Metamom – Create Instant Play
1.      Keep a deck of cards in the kitchen. As dinner is cooking, invite your child to play one hand of rummy.
2.      Play 20 questions or eye spy. This is great in the doctor’s office or other waiting areas.
3.      For your older children, create two copies of Sudoku or a word jumble and challenge them to the fastest time.
4.      Tickle your young children for a moment.
5.      Dance around the living room with your child to their favorite song.
6.      Find a few moments to cuddle with your young child.
7.   Discover age appropriate activities for the family. 
·         Card Games: Rummy/Poker
·         Board Games with more challenge
·         Soccer, baseball, tennis
·         Multi-player electronic games
·         Skiing, swimming

Young Children
·         Card Games: Go Fish, Memory, Old Maid
·         Simple board games – or simplify ones for older children
·         Tag
·         Peek-a-boo
·         Coloring/Painting

       Elementary School Children
·         Card Games: Crazy Eights, War
·         Board Games
·         Hang man
·         Hide ‘n’ Seek, sardines
·         Soccer, baseball, tennis
·         Active electronic game
·         Swimming

Create an environment of play. When play is scheduled into your routine, it will raise the vibration for all of you. Vibration comes into play with the law of attraction. Like attracts like and a high vibration, such as joy, attracts more high vibration feelings. We could all use a little more joy in our lives. The sacral chakra and the creativity which blossoms when it is balanced, opens the door to the foundation of joy.
Make a habit out of play when your children are young. They want to be close to you and they want to play, so family games provide both. Your teenagers may display some resistance to family games, as they naturally move towards independence. Try to meet your teenagers half way and focus on their current interests. Throw the ball with them. Design the latest clothing trend. Challenge them to a video game. Although you may believe there is too much video play in your house, this is a path to engage your older children and have fun together.
Focus on play, and the seriousness and discipline will fade into the background of your family life.
I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. How do you play with your family? What makes you laugh? What is your child’s favorite family activity? What would you add to the list above?
*Excerpt from book: Metaphysical Mom: 5 Minutes to Calm
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