I feel pretty fantastic right this moment. My to-do list is done.

What was my to-do list?

1. Drop off flyers for the Forever Family Foundation Holidays Past event.
2. Write more content for my book.
3. Pick up material my daughter’s new craft project.
4. Purchase a turkey for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving dinner.
5. Plan dinner for my dear friends, arriving from Vancouver tomorrow night.
6. Pick up my children and their friends from school. , who are all full of giggles and goofiness. Their “work” was all about Thanksgiving today.

Normally, my list gets check marks, and I’m on to other things. So why is my to-do list special? On the day before Thanksgiving. My list allows me to be extremely grateful.

Why am I grateful?
1. I am healthy enough to be able to help others. With a genuine “Happy Thanksgiving” and a smile, we all felt the true spirit of that small exchange.
2. I have time to write.
3. My daughter is talented in her creativity. It is a pleasure to watch her create.
4. We have the means to provide a big dinner.
5. We have dear friends and family.
6. My children and their friends have no big worries, unlike some children in other countries. Our children experience joy and easy laughter.

I’m also so grateful for some amazing people I’ve met in just this past year, especially in my volunteer journey. In “doing unto others, ” I receive more back in an untold number of ways, but mostly in the warm mushy feeling I have inside, right this moment.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

Love and Light, Leigh

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