We received lots of feedback to help choose the book cover for Metaphysical Mom: Five Minutes to Calm. Thank you to all who participated online and from April 15th’s post. You gave us great insight.

The winning photo is:

This lovely photo, both with mock cover and without (below). Elan Sun Star captured this moment beautifully, between mother and child. As some of you said, it “whispers calm,”(Mandy) “suits the title,” (JD) and will “reach mainstream mothers” (Megan). Comments came in via email, facebook and on the blog.

While I cannot guarantee the publishers will choose this photo (we haven’t secured a contract yet), I plan to print it up on large glossy photopaper to help manifest my dream.

Thank you for everyone, for your suggestions and encouragement. I can see the finish line, and this helps to make it brighter!

PS. Happy Birthday Dad!

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