Ever feel frustrated, negative, unhappy about whatever situations you are experiencing at a particular moment? Do you often feel like when you are in a negative mood, that experience snowballs, and subsequent moments have a negative tint to them too?

Our brains tend to follow the path of least resistance (call it the synaptic pathways between neurons, or simply that one memory or thought tends to link us to the next one). I know when I have a negative thought, other negative ones follow.

Likewise, however, if I have a positive thought, it is often followed by other positive thoughts. This trick is to change that negative series by inserting a vivid or distinctive positive image.

I often find that my brain follows this leap all on its own if I learn about someone else’s misfortune. That may sound a bit incongruent to happiness.

However, when I hear an upset child, or read a sad news article, my heart instantly goes out to them. I feel compassion for the situation they must or might be in. I start to think about ways I might help them, or someone else in a similar situation in the future. I think about ways I’ve helped others in the past. And I start to appreciate my own life and how fortunate I am to have the life I have. I start to think positively, even if it is to feel compassion for others in less fortunate, if brief, circumstances. Then, I am in the state of mind to send some of the blessings, good fortunes, feelings and positive energy that I have, to that sad child, if they are in a state to receive it.

Metaphysically speaking, sending positive, loving energy out to the world, is something we can all do. Metaphysically speaking, imposing our thoughts or energy on another is an intrusion, so “if they would like to receive it” is more courteous. Sending positive energy is easier to do when our brains are in a positive state of mind and we are following that positive pathway.

By appreciating our own lives and the lives of others, we can live more positively, which, metaphysics or not, can spread to others.

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