New Jersey: Our new home.

We found our house after much consideration, research and help. Though it wasn’t perfectly new, it was perfect. Our house is on a quiet street, with a big yard, facing a small forest next to a big pool and park.

Perfect for our children. Peaceful for us all.

After unpacking, I found our vision board, made months ago to help us find the right house. Everything matched, including the less tangible, such as “feeling settled,” “good sleeps,” and “like-minded neighbors.” We found our son the concrete (our cul-de-sac), for him to ride his bike each morning. We found the neighborhood children for ours to play with. Though we didn’t find the horse stables, the family that moved out of our house moved to a place with a stable, and have invited us to drop by.

Not on our vision board? The deer that walk through our front yard. The rabbits nibbling the grass. The fireflies out each night (we’ve never seen them before!). The amazing energy of the thunderstorms, and the warm rainy air, plus the wonderful sunshine.

I appreciate the moments of the early morning, and the song in the trees late at night. I especially appreciate the recognition that we are in the place we are meant to be, at this moment, and the little signs that remind me.

What is on your vision board, and what moments remind you that you are on your path?

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