How to Get Happy – Changing the Vibes

I feel down. Or at least I did last month. My energy wavered up and down for a few weeks. On the outside I don’t think I appeared or acted any different. On the inside I want to sleep in more often or curl up with hot tea and a good movie, or a nice scotch and a new episode of “How I Met Your Mother.”

I hear others feeling blah and my metaphysical friends explain it as a vibrational and global energy shift.

When we are about to burst into a new way of being, such as starting a new job, reaching a new level of personal growth or overcoming a major personal obstacle, we go through an energy shift.

Initially this can be uncomfortable.

When we shift to a higher energy we get rid of old “stuff” like beliefs, memories or even relationships, to make way for the new. As we go through old stuff that no longer works, the gunk comes up.

The gunk is heavy.

It can be difficult to get past the gunk. It lowers our vibrations. Think about how you feel during a dark, rainy day. Low vibration. Now imagine how you feel waking up in your vacation cabana to see the bright sun reflecting off the brilliant blue ocean. High vibration.

Fortunately, we can consciously change and raise our vibrations, even when people or situations bring us down.

We can raise our vibrations, feel better, become an example of what we want the world around us to reflect back to us.

Calm, happy, love, joy.

Imagine these words having vibrations of their own. Whether you believe this or not, just imagine it for a moment. What does ‘calm’ feel like? Imagine a calm moment in your life and then remember how you felt. How does ‘pleased’ feel? Imagine a past moment for pleased and the feeling that goes along with it. What about happy? Love? Joy?

Can you feel your feelings rise with each memory or feeling? When you do this, you are raising your vibration.

What about feeling sad? Anxious? Angry? Your vibration lowers with each one.

It is easy to “fall.” We get pulled into lower vibrations easily and often unconsciously. It takes conscious work to raise our vibrations, and to stay there.

How to Get Happy and Raise your Vibe
Next time you find yourself feeling lower than you would like, try these techniques.

1. Remember something happy. Think of something within the past day or two which made you happy. Concentrate on that memory and the feeling that goes with it.

2. Listen to a happy song. Choose a song to listen to which raises your mood. Sing to it, even if you don’t feel like doing this at first.

3. Move your body. I get happy when I go for a walk. Stand up, dance or stretch your muscles. Smile big, then frown, then smile big again. Stuck energy keeps you feeling stuck, physically. Get your blood flowing.

4. Laugh. On purpose. Give a good belly laugh until you catch yourself laughing for real.

5. Give to others. Do one thing which will make the next person you see feel better. Give them a big smile or a bear hug. Say a compliment. Make a donation or volunteer.

Many people who help others by consciously emanating love outwards to others.

You know when someone has a good vibe or bad vibe. Yet what do you do with it? Next time you feel yourself sinking from a bad vibe, make a conscious shift to raise your vibration and get happy.

In the comment section, share what you do to raise your spirits, increase your positive vibrations or get happy.

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